Well, you might not be prepared for that yet. The question remains on the table, as many a one has wondered if Google’s social plan will ever catch up with Apple’s iGoogle. In reality, after all this, maybe it’s time to just say goodbye and come to the realization they are no longer the search business they once were.

Let us get some clarity. What’s Google? It’s an acronym that some people still use, but others prefer to forget altogether, like those who use Windows or Linux. So now you understand that Google is not the company that you want to play basketball, no matter how you want to play with it.

1 thing though, you will want Google to be a part of your voice search so that you have a tool you may use even if your phone is away. As we’ve discussed in many articles, Google has added its own voice search attribute to its results, which is wonderful. For many, it’s the ultimate missing link that will enable them access to everything that’s important to them, such as email, company listings, the internet weather, and Wikipedia among many others. This is the ultimate long-term target for Google, and it’s a goal that are being fulfilled already.

If you’d like Google OK Google How Do I to be on your voice, then you have to request it to be. Ask Google to give you voice commands so that you could perform your daily tasks without taking your attention off the street. You’ll wake up tomorrow morning, knowing you were able to accomplish more now than you did yesterday. Yes, it’s possible and Google does it all the time. Just imagine what it could do for you.

Imagine that you wake up and your car is at the garage and you do not need to escape bed to go get a glass of milk or any other beverage that you may need. You can just go back to sleep, relax, and prepare for the day. That is what Google wants you to think. They want you to have the ability to look at the net, check your email, and start your day without thinking about your daily routine. Obviously, you need to know how to tell Google which you’re done with that you want to look something up.

How do I know that I’m doing so ? By inquiring Google, obviously ! And if you are having trouble hearing and speaking correctly (and having problems talking to your children as well ), Google provides speech recognition technology that will help you out.